Current Star Sailors

Amy Tyndall (UK) completed her Ph.D. in Manchester on planetary nebulae and binary stars, and was an ESO student between February 2012–July 2013. She is now undertaking a 6-month placement with the Education and Public Outreach Department (ePOD) at ESO-Chile. She loves good coffee and hiking, and hates heights and cows.

Amy Tyndall

Oscar González (Chile) is an ESO fellow, having returned to his home country after studying for his Ph.D. at ESO-Garching in Germany. He is an expert in the formation and evolution of the Milky Way Bulge. Oscar loves working at Paranal (so much so, he would live there given the choice!), eating, and is making all kinds of gains.


Romain Deschamps (France) is an ESO student studying for his Ph.D. through his institute in Belgium. He is investigating binary stars and all interactions that may happen during the evolution of these objects. He devotes his free time to trying to understand his surroundings (from the outer space to his more local universe), and listening to music.


Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mateos (Spain) did his Ph.D. in Madrid on galaxy formation and evolution. He then spent three years as a postdoc at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville (USA), and finally moved to Chile in 2013 as an ESO fellow. When he´s not looking up to the sky (or convincing others to do so), he enjoys getting lost in second-hand bookstores and engaging in stare contests with cats.


Julien Milli (France) is an ESO student, having arrived in Chile in October 2012. Due to finish his Ph.D. in September 2014, he enjoyed Chile that much that he decided to stay a few more years for his postdoctoral studies, as an ESO fellow. In his work, he tries to understand planetary formation and evolution. He spends most of his free-time outside, enjoying the Chilean mild climate and high mountains, running, hiking, climbing or taking pictures of the fauna and flora.


Liz Guzman (Mexico)


Sergio Vasquéz (Chile)


Kora Muzic (Croatia)


Fernando Selman (Chile)


Linda Schmidtobreick (Germany)


Joanne Breitfelder (France)


Felipe Mac Auliffe (Chile)

More to come…

(Last updated 05/06/14)



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